Launching an EGF Proposal

A guide on how to launch an EGF proposal on-chain
Before launching an EGF proposal on-chain, it is important that the proposer adheres to the guidelines found on this documentation or the official Function X EGF repository.
To launch an EGF proposal, go to StarScan and click on the Proposals tab and click on Make Proposal. Following which, there will be a prompt to connect to a wallet; and after connecting to a wallet, the proposer can proceed to make the proposal.
Fill up the fields in the form with adequate and appropriate details.
For EGF proposals, it is CRUCIAL that the Type of the proposal is selected as: Ecosystem Genesis Fund (EGF).
Under the Details section, the proposer should include a sufficient summary of what the proposal is about, including links to forum discussion(s) and any Github repositories. For Recipient Configuration, the Address is the wallet address for receiving the funds, and the Amount is the total amount of FX requested.
It is important for the proposer to note that the Initial Deposit required for an EGF proposal (and any other proposal) is at least 1000 FX and this will be required to move the proposal into the Deposit Period. Once the min deposit or the deposit threshold is reached, the proposal will automatically enter the voting period. Do note that for EGF proposals, the total deposit amount must be followed according to the current EGF deposit status.
The current EGF deposit status can be found here
When the proposer is ready to submit the EGF proposal, clicking on Submit Proposal will launch a prompt for the proposer to sign the transaction on their connected wallet. Once the transaction is signed, the proposal will be launched.