Third Party Price Oracles

Available on Mainnet: Supra Oracles.

Data Feeds Catalog:

Supra Pull oracle provides low latency on demand price feed updates needed for special use cases like perpetual DEXs and it’s open for everyone. Supra Pull is already live on 45+ chains with 200+ data pairs. The price feed value calculated by Supra is known as S-Value (aka Supra Value) and uses Supra’s innovative DORA protocol with layer-1 security guarantees.

Pull model uses a combination of Web2 and Web3 methods to achieve the ultra low latency from Supra to destination. Web2 methods are used to retrieve data from supra and web3 smart contracts are used for cryptographic verification.

With this integration, applications and developers on f(x)Core can now query live prices for their use.

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