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FunctionX-EGF Repository

Current EGF Deposit Status

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    If the requested amount is < 100K, the "Initial Deposit" is 1k and the "Total Deposit" is also 1k.
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    If the requested amount is >= 100K, the "Initial Deposit" is 1k and the "Total Deposit" is 1k + 10% of total amount requested.

EGF Council

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    Zac Cheah Sub Council Member Zac is the CEO of Pundi X and contributes to Function X as a founding member and was Chair of a W3C Interest Group. He was an EU scholar in M.Sc Computing (Sweden KTH) and M.Sc Security (Norway NTNU). He was a national coding champion in high school.
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    FrenchXCore Sub Council Member FrenchXCore runs the FrenchXCore validator node on the FunctionX blockchain. Acting as innovation director in an important public entity in France, his past professional background is in telecommunications (wired and radio), networks, information systems, cyber projects and team management. He's personally very enthusiastic about blockchains and their applications in the real world, particularly as an automated trusted authority. He spends most of his free time programming cool stuff (Java, Python, assembler).
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    Rafal W (kenorb) Sub Council Member Rafal W is an IT professional specializing in web, cloud, trading and blockchain technologies. As a contractor, he worked for several projects for clients including PwC, CapGemini, UBS AG). Currently at R3 responsible for delivering, deploying and maintaining infrastructure for Corda, a decentralized database based on blockchain technology for enterprise clients across the globe.
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    Indra Winarta Sub Council Member Indra was an ex-Consultant in a sub-company of DCI Indonesia (the leading company with the highest technology market capitalization in Indonesia) and focused in business process improvement and reengineering projects in the Southeast Asia region. He joined Pundi X as one of the first batch of employees and was in-charge of token listing. He graduated with a B.Sc in Applied Mathematics and BEng in Computer Science and part of Indonesian youth delegate in the APEC Summit.

Team Committee Voting

Instead of each comittee member having 5% of the network, the top 3 team validators will vote. This will reflect the composition of the network. In the future, as we become more decentralized, the team's voting power will decrease which is the eventual goal.\