Installation f(x)Core

This guide will explain how to install the fxcored CLI onto your system. With this installed on a server, you can participate on the mainnet as either a Full Node or a Validator.

Additionally, you may refer to this YouTube tutorial video to set up your validator.

Hardware Requirements

We recommend the following for running f(x)Core:

  • 4 or more CPU cores

  • At least 500G of disk storage

  • At least 8G of memory

  • At least 10mbps network bandwidth

To see a quick cloud setup on how to setup and deploy it on the cloud.

Install build requirements

Install make and gcc.

On Ubuntu this can be done with the following commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y make gcc

Ps: sudo apt-get install -y make gcc may have encountered a problem with locked files, just try sudo apt-get install -y make gcc again.

Install Go

Install go by following the official docs. Please select your respective environment❗

For Ubuntu environment, there may be permissions denied issues with unzipping the go zip file, try using sudo su to resolve it.

Go 1.19+ or later is required for the f(x)Core. If you are remoting into a terminal, you may input the following command:

Setting environment variables:

mkdir -p $HOME/go/bin
echo "export PATH=$PATH:/usr/local/go/bin" >> ~/.profile
echo "export PATH=$PATH:$(go env GOPATH)/bin" >> ~/.profile
source ~/.profile

Install the binaries

Next, let's install the latest version of f(x)Core. Make sure you have git installed if not you will be prompted to install git. Follow the instruction in the terminal.

git clone --branch release/v3.1.x
cd fx-core

You may find the latest branches here:

make go.sum
make install

That will install the fxcored binary. Verify version:

fxcored version --long

fxcored version --long should output something similar to:

name: fxcore
server_name: fxcored
version: release/vx.x.x xxx
commit: xxx
build_tags: netgo,ledger
go: go version go1.19 darwin/amd64
cosmos_sdk_version: v0.xx.x

Build Tags

Build tags indicate special features that have been enabled in the binary.

Build TagDescription


Name resolution will use pure Go code


Ledger devices are supported (hardware wallets)

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