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Docker - Upgrading Your Node

f(x)Core Network Upgrades

There are 2 types of network upgrades with similar steps but it is IMPORTANT to differentiate and identify which type of upgrade is required and which to perform before the upgrade height is reached. Hard fork requires validators to upgrade their nodes before the upgrade height and software upgrade requires validators to do so after the upgrade height.
Hard fork upgrade:
The code after the upgrade is backward compatible, so the node can (and needs to) be updated before the upgrade height, and when the upgrade height is reached, the node will automatically switch to the new logic.
Software upgrade:
When the upgrade proposal is passed, we need to wait for the block height to reach the upgrade height set in the proposal. We cannot use the new program to update the node in advance, because the code after the upgrade is backward incompatible. When the block height reaches the upgrade height, the node will automatically stop producing blocks and print the log: "ERR UPGRADE" upgrade proposal plan name "NEEDED at height: upgrade proposal set height...", and then we can use the latest program to update the node
For more information on past upgrades and instructions, refer to Upgrade Versions.
You may refer to this Countdown Timer which will countdown the time till the upgrade height.

Upgrade steps

  1. 1.
    Ensure you have stopped the docker container to stop node❗
docker stop fxcore
docker rm fxcore
*fxcore is a container name, change the container name according to your setup
2. Pull latest docker images
docker pull functionx/fx-core:2.4.0
3. Download genesis (copy and run each line, line by line)
wget -O ~/.fxcore/config/genesis.json
wget -O ~/.fxcore/config/config.toml
wget -O ~/.fxcore/config/app.toml
wget -O ~/.fxcore/config/genesis.json
wget -O ~/.fxcore/config/config.toml
wget -O ~/.fxcore/config/app.toml
4. Restart docker container to start the node:
docker run --name fxcore -d --restart=always -p 26656:26656 -p 26657:26657 -p 1317:1317 -p 26660:26660 -p 8545:8545 -p 8546:8546 -v $HOME/.fxcore:/root/.fxcore functionx/fx-core:2.4.0 start
To check if fxcore is synced:
curl localhost:26657/status
"jsonrpc": "2.0",
"id": -1,
"result": {
"node_info": {
"protocol_version": {
"p2p": "8",
"block": "11",
"app": "0"
"id": "123868554adafd679f5dc6367bddea39aa5adb94",
"listen_addr": "tcp://",
"network": "fxcore",
"version": "v0.34.9",
"channels": "40202122233038606100",
"moniker": "moniker",
"other": {
"tx_index": "on",
"rpc_address": "tcp://"
"sync_info": {
"latest_block_hash": "239609FE5FD475389C1ACFCEF46DCF6B0343F0C04E43A7968677809C2D489F3F",
"latest_app_hash": "0D2F1299950E0DE86BFF1CDEEEDE3BA57F7899EF1492A6E6809DF3060164046D",
"latest_block_height": "810805",
"latest_block_time": "2021-09-01T07:56:29.166926257Z",
"earliest_block_hash": "12B0FB286BD34C077CACF97D3D2757B27C49E63FB81E6262399FF11A3C3C002E",
"earliest_app_hash": "E3B0C44298FC1C149AFBF4C8996FB92427AE41E4649B934CA495991B7852B855",
"earliest_block_height": "1",
"earliest_block_time": "2021-07-12T07:42:23.292429Z",
"catching_up": false
"validator_info": {
"address": "214999E9412502DE8DE13F626F9D32D41C1B5015",
"pub_key": {
"type": "tendermint/PubKeyEd25519",
"value": "fUlPjsYSLi04vwzeNiFObBVabV6TKhB6WB3c65iEayU="
"voting_power": "0"
To ensure that the blocks are synced up with your node, under "sync_info", "catching_up value" should be false "catching_up value": false. This may take a few hours and your node has to be fully synced up before proceeding to the next step. You may cross reference the latest block you are synced to "sync_info": "latest_block_height" and the latest block height of our Testnet blockchain on our Testnet blockchain explorer or our Mainnet.
Make sure that every node has a unique priv_validator.json. Do not copy the priv_validator.json from an old node to multiple new nodes. Running two nodes with the same priv_validator.json will cause you to double sign.