FxDex Docs
What is f(x)Dex
f(x)Dex is the name of the Cosmos SDK application for FunctionX.
About the FunctionX Dex: The FunctionX Dex also known as a dex is the first Dex to be launched on the FunctionX Network. The role of a Dex is to facilitate stock pepetural dex. The FunctionX Dex is a public Proof-of-Stake chain. It's native coin is the FX.
  • fxdexd: The f(x)Dex Daemon and command-line interface (CLI) runs a full-node of the fxdexd application.
f(x)Dex is built on the Cosmos SDK using the following modules:
  • x/auth: Accounts and signatures.
  • x/bank: Token transfers.
  • x/staking: Staking logic.
  • x/distribution: Fee distribution logic.
  • x/slashing: Slashing logic.
  • x/gov: Governance logic.
  • ibc-go/modules: Inter-blockchain communication. Hosted in the cosmos/ibc-go repository.
  • x/params: Handles app-level parameters.
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